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Sick and tired of trying to find dog friendly hotels when you go away? Well it’s no longer a problem in Blackpool because we love dogs. Having said that we only accept dogs that are accompanied by friendly, well disciplined owners!
All bookings regarding dogs must be made by phone: 01253 342586.
We don’t charge by the paw like some places do, in fact we don’t make a charge for dogs at all. Please do read our policy below*
All 3 day stays will receive a mixed party bag of hand made Snaffles dog biscuits. If you let us know your bringing him/her, we will make sure there is a treat waiting for them. Advance notice only.

Dog admission Policy

As responsible dog owners ourselves, we would like to bring our policy to your attention:

*The hotel will accept small dogs staying in guests rooms (ONLY 1 DOG PER ROOM FREE OF CHARGE) and understand that the animal will be fully house trained and will not disturb other guests in adjoining rooms either above, below or beside the room occupied by the dog owner. The dog must be over 12 months old at time of check-in. Dogs that cause destruction will have charges against the owner to the full value/cost of the replaced items. Charges apply for 2nd dogs, this is from £20.00.

In the event where the dog has caused damage to the room or any item of furniture such as but not limited to wardrobe, dressing table, doors, bed frames, bed legs skirting boards, curtains, bedding, carpet, window frames, cables either electrical or otherwise, kettles trays or accessories, a charge will be billed to the guest who’s name the accommodation has been booked under. This will be the full cost of the damaged object; this will cover the cost of new for old. If this cost is up to £800.00 or more, we will expect this charge from the owner of the pet.

If it felt the room can not be re-let due to cleaning, damage etc, a further cost may be added to the guests credit/debit card for loss of revenue up to the maximum cost of £400.00. This will take into account the loss of revenue if the room cannot be sold/let to guests.

If the damage (if any) is brought to the owners attention, an amount will be paid by the dog owner to cover the replacement of any item or items of furniture at the current new for old price, the cost put on the dog owner is accepted by staying and signing in on arrival at the hotel.

If the damage is noted after the guest leaves with the dog, the hotel owners have the right to and will process the amount needed to purchase new fittings or furniture as mentioned in this agreement.

If there is any damage to furniture on guest’s arrival in any shape or form, this must be brought to the hotel owner’s attention at once, as we will assume the damage was not there on your arrival/checking in to the property.

Upon arrival you will be asked to agree to our policy. By staying at the Corona, you agree to all our terms and conditions either if the dog policy is singed or not. If you disagree with the policy in any way, bring this to our attention at check-in and we can cancel your booking, Taking only the first nights full payment but we are not obliged to assist you to find alternative accommodation. This policy is a shorter version, but we would like to point it out to all guests.

Maximum size of dogs allowed is approximately 20kg. King Charles spaniels, poodles, bichon freis etc. We are flexible on this depending on the time of year. We will have no hesitation refusing entry if dogs are not as described, you will also be charged for the room you have booked directly or through a third party booking site.

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